I am sign off. Sorry.
I, Mr Bikash Dash, Founder Bikash Infosystem Ltd Exceuted this company since 2011 to June, 2013.
But With the forced rejection from parents, society and some other unknown source like government policies, space constraint, improper IT startup ecosystem, Unfair business practices,
Unstructured/Iliterate clients in odisha etc at the current situation Bikash Infosystem has closed it's operation.
Even If we are public limited company We have not taken a single penny from the market nor even cheated any one.

I dropped my Mtech in 2013 from CET, Left Job from reliance and sacrificed my life in making this dream .
So its a pause in the game (Going for a long time rest). Lets wait till we come up with some thing new may be a
next generation product which can make us sustain, survive and grow in life.

Thanks to all my stakeholders and partner being with us till date and hope in future again we will converge for pending part of the dream.
When We will start the company , we will inform by email. For old clients domain renew or designs matter, Contact me at bikashinfosystems@gmail.com, 08763326233
Address: Bangalore, karnataka, India.